[NTISP] Question on DNS and Help

Brent Sheppard ( brent@webmetrics.com )
Thu, 02 Sep 1999 14:11:44 -0500

Hello All,

I am using Matinfo's DNS 3.1- I currently have a name server called
ns1.webmetrics.com that I am trying to change. I set a new nameserver
called ns2.teklogik.com. The IP Address is ewbrythinmg
looks ok and it all functions from the ns2.teklogikcom box. Internic
as of today updated the domain teklogik.com to reflect new name
servers. (ns1.teklogik.com is not setup yet) I should be able to ping
and lookup ns2.teklogik.com but It says unreachable host or bad ip

I am stummped - I am just not waiting long enough for the DNS servs to
update or have I done something wrong on DNS. I don't know that much
about dns but I duplicated ns1.webmetrics.com with ns2.teklogik.com and
made the appropriate changes. It appears to all work from the
ns2.teklogik.com computer but not from anywhere else in the net?




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