[NTISP] Upstream Provider / Nameserver Change

Adam Greene ( (no email) )
Wed, 11 Aug 1999 18:15:06 -0400


I am going to be changing upstream providers in about a month, and as such will
have to change the secondary nameserver listed on all of my customers' domains
(currently the secondary nameserver is being hosted by my upstream provider).
My goal is to ultimately have my new upstream provider provide secondary
nameservice for all of these domains.

I thought a smart way of doing this might be to follow a gradual process:
1) Modify all domains with the InterNIC to utilize a secondary nameserver
located on my OWN LAN
2) Run circuits from my LAN to my old and new upstream providers' networks
3) Change IP addresses of nameserver hosts on my OWN LAN and with the
InterNIC (while renumbering the rest of the LAN, too)
4) Disconnect the circuit to my old provider
5) Modify all domains with the InterNIC to utilize a secondary nameserver
located on my new upstream provider's network

I thought this procedure might lessen my administrative burden during the period
of time in which both my old and new providers' circuits will be running
concurrently, and I'll have to be doing a lot of other renumbering work.

Does anyone have any idea if this procedure will work?

Thanks for your advice,

P.S. I called Network Solutions, and they told me that I could submit a "Global
Update" to the nameservers of all of my domains at once, so I don't have to
change each one of them individually. I hope that really works!!!!!

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