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I am fighting the exact same battle... will post what I have found when I
can come up for air.

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> Okay, I think I've had it with MS DNS. Every so often it goes a little
> haywire and introduces all kinds of problems in to my life, and
> now I've run
> up against one that I am just unable to solve, and I've been working on it
> for three weeks.
> I recently swapped IP addresses on my NT boxes, and of course made the
> requisite updates to all my zone files. Now however though, when
> I dial in
> and try to access sites on my servers the domains resolve as the old IP
> addresses. The really annoying aspect of it all is that it's
> intermittent.
> It just does not happen all the time. Sometimes the problem last for days
> and then ends; other times it lasts for an hour or more, then ends. Other
> times it only affects domains if I don not add the www in front of the
> domain. When that happens it generally resolves fine if I do not add the
> www. Another example... two computers (Win98) both dialing in,
> will exhibit
> different problems (all the above) but not at the same time. For instance
> earlier I dialed in from one computer and was able to connect to
> one domain
> fine, but not from the other a few minutes later!!!!
> Now, I point both machines at the DNS servers running in my network. Both
> DNS servers are NT4 with SP4 loaded.
> The question I am most looking for an answer to is this.. where
> exactly does
> NT store these old IP addresses if they are not in the zone files under
> /system32/dns/ ? I've looked in the registry, but can't find any plain
> text for the IP's listed anywhere and I'm at my wits end!
> John
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