Re: [NTISP] MS DNS Probs

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 17:20:10 -0400

From: Greg White <>
> I have three NT4 SP4 machines. One runs Bind for NT 4.9.5
> the other two run MS DNS. Can anyone tell me why neither of the MS DNS
> machines will do a lookup on, while the Bind Machine will
> happily do it? Bind is a fresh install, so there are no cached lookups.
> installed it because I have been getting complaints from customers about
> being able to get to numerous websites.

I ran into this problem a couple of years ago and pulled a little stunt to
fix it--haven't had a problem with it since. DNS lost its cached records
for the root-servers and could no longer find them to do lookups.

Go into your DNS Admin and create a new primary zone called "root-servers"
and add the following A and NS records (this is a couple years old, so you
may want to make sure that the IP addresses associated with the A records
are still correct): NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS NS
a A
b A
c A
d A
e A
f A
g A
h A
i A
j A
k A
l A
m A

Josh Hillman

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