Re: [NTISP] OT: ISPs Assisting SETI

Howie Hamlin ( (no email) )
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 13:34:43 -0400

Maybe ISPs should pool their resources to find intelligent life on the
internet :-)


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Subject: [NTISP] OT: ISPs Assisting SETI

> Hail ISP owners and Techs,
> As you know there is currently a program called SETI @ Home which allows
> regular home users and corporate users to assist SETI to decode the radio
> signals out there in space. If anyone of you are interested in assisting
> goto and get the apporpriate client for
> your machines. I would HIGHLY recommend the Text client vs the GUI client
> since it will run 2-3 times faster in processing time.
> Most NT ISPs must have Idle clocks at about 1000 hours and greater. Why
> use that idle time for number crunching? BTW, it uses the Lowest priority
> and lets any other processes run before it. So if you are worried about
> performance hits, run it and do some tests.
> Sorry to spam here, but thought since most ISPs have about 50-1000
> just wasting time, why not use the CPUs for some intelligent number
> crunching.
> Rudy Komsic
> Cyberglobe Communications Inc.
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