Re: [NTISP] MS Certificate Server Deployment

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 11:53:18 -0400

If your CA is THAWTE.COM, check out their home page -- their authority
expired in some older browsers a year or so ago. You can upgrade your
SERVER to have a new authority certificate for them by following their

The same thing will happen to Verisign in 2001.

At 11:13 AM 7/21/99 -0400, you wrote:
>We are using IIS 4.0 under NT 4.0 SP3 and have the Certificate Server
>software deployed to assign encryption keys for use with SSL.
>All is working correctly except that it appears our "Certificate Authority"
>Certificate is not trusted, so all of the certificates we issue through the
>key manager produce a warning dialog box on the end user's browser when
>accessing web sites on our server secured by SSL and one of our internally
>assigned certificates.
>Our research to date into a solution to this problem suggest that our
>customers must purchase a certificate from some agency like VeriSign in
>order to eliminate this warning when their secure site is accessed by the
>outside world.
>Can anyone point us in the right direction to eliminate the need for every
>web site buying certificates? Ideally, we would like to become a "trusted"
>Certificate Authority so that we can issue Certificates that do not exhibit
>the untrusted warning. How is this done?
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