Re: [NTISP] RRAS multilink PPP question

Joshua Chamas ( )
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 11:56:21 -0700

You can also try a scripted approach, where you have a
program that runs monitoring your connections, bringing
them up where necessary.

In perl:

`routemon interface enable interfaceName`;
`routemon interface connect interfaceName`;
my $routemon_out = `routemon interface show interfaceName`;
if($routemon_out =~ /Connected/s) {
print "connection is up!\n"
} else {
print "connection down\n"

You could put this kind of code into a while loop that
gets triggered whenever some network test doesn't work
the way it should ... I run this kind of monitoring stuff
from my AT scheduler, with each monitor being self terminating,
and new ones starting each period (15 minutes for me)

When an interface fails to come up, your system could send
you an email to come and manually (pcAnywhere ? :) fix it.

-- Joshua
Joshua Chamas Chamas Enterprises Inc.
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Kevin Ingram wrote:
> >I configured an NT Server machine to dial into our other NT server using
> >RRAS's multilink PPP (w/ persistent demand dialing turned on). The problem
> >is, one of the lines drops every now and then and only 1 line is left
> >connected and the other connection won't re-establish itself (even though
> >persistent demand dialing is on).
> >
> >I don't recall applying any RRAS Hotfixes on it yet. Will doing so solve my
> >problem ?
> >
> I am running RRAS from SP4, which I believe is the most current version, and
> I still see this happen on a rare occasion. One line drops for some reason,
> a telco break or whatever, and it will not automatically reconnect without
> intervention. Fortunately for us, all our lines are monitored and its fairly
> easy to get it to reconnect, so its not a big problem, but I can see where
> in certain circumstances it could be. We run PCAnywhere on all the servers
> so its a simple matter to connect from anywhere and reconnect the downed
> line.
> Hope that helps.
> Kevin
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