[NTISP] Odd RRAS Error Message

Joshua Chamas ( joshua@chamas.com )
Sat, 10 Jul 1999 19:51:52 -0700


I get an odd RRAS error message that I have not been able to
trace the source of.

I have logged TCP / GRE packets that might be associated
with RRAS demand-dial PPTP connections via a firewall external
to the NT box with RRAS installed, so I don't think its a hacker,
and reviewed event logs for applications, security, and system
for both local and remote RRAS devices, and have found NOTHING !!

Here's the message:

Router (20138) - "A Demand Dial connection to the remote interface
###PPTP DEVICE NAME### failed to be initated succesfully. The following error
occurred: The interface credentials have not been set."

There are no devices that are trying to connect that I know of.
Like I said, I can find no explanation on my systems why
these message might be occuring, nor have I been able to find
any documentation of this error at microsoft, nor the www.

Please note also that the PPTP device works fine otherwise,
and am able to connect to it regularly, but am not trying to
connect when the error occurs.

The box is running NT 4 + SP4 if it helps. Any ideas?


Joshua Chamas Chamas Enterprises Inc.
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