[NTISP] Ascend modem slot info

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 8 Jul 1999 22:41:53 -0400

Do those of you using Ascend Max 4004 and 4048 units for both analog modem
and ISDN connections have the following set to a specific modem slot number
or do you have it set to zero?
Line Config
Line x (1 / 2)
Ch yy Slot=n
(where yy = 1 through 23 (PRI); n = 3 through 8)

We've had a slot number in each of our channels since day one (someone from
Ascend told us to set it up that way a long time ago) but were wondering if
it's actually necessary. By default, the value is zero. We've never had
any known problems with specific slot numbers being specified, but I was
just curious about this.

Max OS: 7.0.4


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