Re: [NTISP] Q: Large Mail Solution Help/Inquiry

John Davies ( (no email) )
Wed, 9 Jun 1999 10:08:43 -0700

> We am currently using 3.0 and are looking for other solutions
> replace it.
> I'm very curious to hear others experiences and feedback on what they have
> found or use to support
> large numbers of customers. By large, i'm talking the 30,000 mailbox
> We are looking at MCIS from Microsoft and Mailsite from Rockliffe. Has
> anyone used either of these products in this scale.
> I'm especially interested in hearing from people using Mailsite. Another
> benefit to mailsite is it's support for ODBC user authentication. A major
> plus for me using Emerald for customer management.

MailSite will scale to over 100,000 users on a single machine.

We have customers in production that are scaling to this level.

For references, please email