Brent Sheppard ( )
Tue, 25 May 1999 08:22:42 -0500

I use Ip Sentry! The nice thing is that it can run on NT or Win95. I
have been using for three months now!

No Problems.!

Jeff Binkley wrote:

> Thanks. I have been trading E-Mail with their supprot folks right now
> on it. It seems to work fine on Apache servers but none of our NT IIS
> servers workey are looking into it. I also am testing IPSentry based
> upon some advice of another person here. It seems to be going much
> better. I like being able to test telnet and radius and having the web
> reporting. The only major thing missing is the ability to write
> seperate reports for each web server so we can show a customer how their
> particular web server is available vs. making them look at everything.
> Supposedly the next release of IPSentry will fix this. I did find the
> version of IPSentry off of ZDnet wouldn't run properly and I had to
> download it directly from them..
> Jeff Binkley
> ASA Network Computing
> N>Hi,
> N>I am using Watchdog to monitor, among other things, our web server. I
> N>= do not receive the 404 error (File not Found), and I run IIS4.0..
> N>= Right now the HTTP Page test is configured in this way:
> N>Page:
> N>Via Web Proxy Server (host:port): (blank)
> N>Perhaps if you are receiving a 404 error, the Watchdog is sending a =
> N>query for a page which doesn't exist on the server. The default page
> N>= for the page above is "default.htm" I'm
> N>not = sure if that's significant..
> N>Good luck!
> N>Adam
> N>-----Original Message-----
> N>From: Jeff Binkley <>
> N>To: <>
> N>Date: Sunday, May 23, 1999 5:32 PM
> N>Subject: [NTISP] HTTP Monitoring Tool
> N>I am looking for a tool which runs under NT that I can schedule to
> N>periodically check to see if a web server is up. I'd like to be
> N>able to schedule which HTML page or ASP page is hit. I looked
> N>at the Watchdog product, which seems to fit the bill but I can't
> N>get it to work with IIS. It gets a 404 error, object not found,
> N>yet it works fine against a Unix Apache system. If it had features
> N>like meaasuring the time it took to load the page and log it, that
> N>would be even better..
> N>Thanks in advance,
> N>Jeff Binkley
> N>ASA Network Computing
> CMPQwk 1.42 9999

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