Re: [NTISP] virtual host customer]

Dave P. ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 May 1999 16:50:49 -0400

The error I'm getting is that the remote computer cannot
find the host
I have the domain name in P.O. "Local Mail Domains" both as and
(jillian being my mail server)
Here is a copy of what my dns server has for this virtual

Name Type
Data NS
danielle.tgic (danielle is my dns server) SOA
danielle.tgic, administrator.tgic
capeannweddings MX
danielle A (IP assigned to VH)
jillian A (IP for mail server)
mail CNAME

Any ideas on what I'm missing or doing wrong?

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>From: Dave P. <>
>>This is probably an easy one but then again I'm still new
>>all this. I set up my 1st virtual host customer and on
>>web end of things everything is fine. On the mail end, we
>>can't seem to get email thru to the VH site mailbox. If I
>>email from within my own network, it appears ok, but if I
>>try to email from another network, We keep getting an
>>that the host can't be found. I've set up MX and A
>>for the VH site in both my primary site and the VH site.
>>are using Post Office V3.01? for our mail software.
>>have any suggestions?
>When your message fails delivery from afar, what is the
error that you
>back? Make sure that the domain name is entered into the
"Local Mail
>Domains" section of the Mail Routing in PO (System Config).
>If the remote system you're using to test mail delivery is
unix or NT
>type in the following at a unix / NT command prompt:
>set querytype=mx
> (whatever it is)
>Make sure the MX records it shows are actually pointing to
the mail