Re: [NTISP] How USR Netserver 16 assigns IP address from pool

David Payer ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 May 1999 19:56:29 -0500

:My Netserver 16 v.34 (w/ firmware version 3.3) assigns IP addresses from a
:pool but does not return previously used IP addresses to the pool once the
:user disconnects.

This was another "feature" of the 3.X operating system.

I even noticed on occasion that the netserver exceeded the parameters I put in.
It has not done that with version 4.X

It seems the machine wants to go to the top of the list and *then* start over.

Danny... most of these things are covered in the news://
news server.

You can get the archives there. I would venture most on this NT list aren't
interested in the topic.

David Payer