Re: [NTISP] virtual host customer

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Sat, 22 May 1999 00:24:43 -0400

From: Dave P. <>
>This is probably an easy one but then again I'm still new to
>all this. I set up my 1st virtual host customer and on the
>web end of things everything is fine. On the mail end, we
>can't seem to get email thru to the VH site mailbox. If I
>email from within my own network, it appears ok, but if I
>try to email from another network, We keep getting an error
>that the host can't be found. I've set up MX and A records
>for the VH site in both my primary site and the VH site. We
>are using Post Office V3.01? for our mail software. Anyone
>have any suggestions?

When your message fails delivery from afar, what is the error that you get
back? Make sure that the domain name is entered into the "Local Mail
Domains" section of the Mail Routing in PO (System Config).
If the remote system you're using to test mail delivery is unix or NT based,
type in the following at a unix / NT command prompt:

set querytype=mx (whatever it is)

Make sure the MX records it shows are actually pointing to the mail server.