RE: [NTISP] Rackmount PCs

Kevin Coveney ( (no email) )
Wed, 19 May 1999 11:43:10 -0400

Personally we like to build our own servers. I feel we have a better
ability to take control of the quality and service since we can choose
each component specifically. Although I donot discount the fact that
someday we may start to order preconfigured servers.

Your organization may be different, if you are looking to outsource the
hardware maintenance, you may be more apt to purchase preconfigured servers
with guaranteed reponse times on service agreements.

Cost is an issue also, it is cheaper to build, but more time consuming. I
think that's something to take into consideration based on your staff's
abilities and product knowledge. I've also heard of great deals being
available on-line; but this is something you have to watch and act on when
available ... not only when you need something.

Hope this helps a little,

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> Does anyone have a recommendation for purchasing rack mount servers either
> prebuilt or in parts?
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