Re: [NTISP] how do they do this?

Petar Nikolich ( (no email) )
Tue, 4 May 1999 00:20:38 +0800

But some proxy servers have a dummy spit when they see this type of url in a
request. Use with caution. Most browsers should parse it properly.

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From: David Payer <>
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Date: Monday, 3 May 1999 7:27
Subject: [NTISP] how do they do this?

>I recall someone posting on this before but I didn't save it. Could the
>original poster put their message up again?
>I want to know how this type of URL works ( and therefore how you generate the
>number to be used)
>It is ingenious for you can't readily tell the IP address of the site to check
>up on it.
>David Payer
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