Re: [NTISP] ftp for web users

Adam Greene ( (no email) )
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 18:24:04 -0400

Our setup is very similar to Kevin's. =20

An added step we include is to create a virtual directory under our =
website (the Default Website) in IIS. We give this virtual directory =
the name the customer would like to use for their webpage. This virtual =
directory points to the home directory Kevin referred to. The end =
result is that the customer can upload their page to their directory, =
and then they can access their webpage by typing = , where is the ISP's =
domain and "customer_page" is the customer's webpage name. =20

We give the IUSR_[machinename] account Read access to the customer's =
home directory so that anyone can look at the webpage on the Internet, =
but we give Change permission only to the FTP customer him or herself.

There are some tricks to creating an FTP user in the User Manager who =
can actually upload pages to the server, too. If you need tips, let us =
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From: Kevin Ingram <>
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Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 3:04 PM
Subject: Re: [NTISP] ftp for web users

>Hello. Forgive my ignorance on this subject but I can't seem to make =
>IIS ftp services work so that my users can upload their web pages into =
>web directory?

What we do is this: When we create the user account in NT, we give them =
home directory that is their web directory. Then in IIS FTP setup, we =
an alias for each user that points to their home directory, with the =
being their username. Then set permissions on their directory for that =
to have read-write access.

Each user can log with any FTP program using his username and password, =
they are connected automatically to their directory. If they try to =
to a higher directory, they are moved to our FTP home directory, which =
just a dummy directory with read-only access assigned. Oh, and we do not
have anonymous enabled at all.