[NTISP] Cisco performance with ACL

Wed, 31 Mar 1999 09:18:20 +0100

Hello list.

Do you know (or have) statistics on how big can be a bandwith
applied against a cisco router when it has ACL (access control lists)
on its interfaces?

I found some information on Network computing about the 7200 platform, but
none on the cisco web page and CCO. I am very interested on 36XX and 4700

If you know of any performance evaluation on the different cisco platforms,
could you send it?

We are about to buy a new router to replace our current (a cisco 3620)
which is having
performance problems (80% with two 2Mbps connections, access lists and Ip
Moving the IP acounting is being considered, although in the near future we
will need a ATM
connection and we will install a cisco cache engine.

Thanks a lot in advance

Best regards.

---Javier Contreras AlbesaGrupo Intercom - ConsultingTel. 93 580 2846 - Fax. 93 580 5660jcontreras@grupo.intercom.es - http://www.consulting.intercom.es

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