Re: [NTISP] Imail vs post-office

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 19:15:58 -0500

From: rkm <>
>We just moved one of our post-office mail servers to a new box...
>Took all of an hour with over 500 accounts and dozens of supported domains.

I had to do this for about 1300 email accounts about 2 weeks ago when we
replaced our old server with a new one. Transferring the Post.Office system
files, registry settings, and mailboxes was a piece of cake and completely
effortless. The documentation provided by for Post.Office
backup/restore procedures is as strait-forward as it gets and is extremely
simple. The most time-consuming part of the whole process was changing the
permissions (using the awsome "poperms" utility that comes with PO) and the
only reason it took a while was because of how many mailboxes and messages
there were on the system. The whole transition went 100% smoothly.

>Also disagree with you about "set up" difficulty. It's a breeze.

I fully agree--for initial setup, as well as daily procedures.

>The lack of a web interface is an issue, we are currently looking into
>party packages to accomplish this.

This was one thing we always wanted also. We now use DMailWeb
( to handle this (still using PO as the server).
This has been a god-send for the customers when they're away, as well as for
us in that we no longer have to delete corrupted messages off the server
when customers' email programs (usually Outlook Express) get stuck reading
them. The customer just hops on the web and reads/deletes the bad message
from the server using the web.

We bought another ISP about 8 months ago that was using IMail (version 3 I
think) and even the sys-admin from that company that we hired was thrilled
to be transferring the accounts to PO. Personally, I couldn't stand how
IMail was set up and also was annoyed at how little documentation (at least
right on the server) it was lacking. PO has detailed documentation for
everything, everywhere. I'd imagine that newer versions of IMail have been
improved, but at least with that one, it surprised me that the other ISP
ever went with it. Actually, I think it was the pricing at the time.

Post.Office pricing is high--I'll be the first to admit that, BUT, I will
say that it's worth it to us at least in comparison with the annoyances and
configuration issues/hassles associated with other systems (especially
Sendmail on one of our Suns) that we've dealt with.

Josh Hillman

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