[NTISP] Cache Engines

Mon, 15 Mar 1999 19:19:38 +0100


I am currently doing some research fo our ISP, about
different options on transparent proxies (cache engines)
I have some information on Cisco Engine, net cache, cache
flow, etc.

Do you have any "hands on" experience with these machines?

The requirements are three:
-Must be transparent
-Software options are not permitted (i.e. squid)
-Must support some kind of fail-safe operation (switch L4,
web cache protocol, clustering, etc)

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards.

---Javier Contreras AlbesaGrupo Intercom - ConsultingTel. 93 580 2846 - Fax. 93 580 5660jcontreras@grupo.intercom.es - http://www.consulting.intercom.es

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