Re: [NTISP] Imail vs post-office

Geoff ( (no email) )
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 17:44:57 -0800

I am there. If they do not wanna play nice then neither do I.
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Date: Saturday, March 13, 1999 5:15 PM
Subject: RE: [NTISP] Imail vs post-office

>I sent them a long nasty E-Mail just today on this very subject. I
>expect to
>get the same response we have all gotten "Its a Microsoft problem".
>I suggest someone crank out one of there lists for this subject so we
>can get
>it off this one. If we stick together and make a big enough stink,
>when it looks like we may get some media coverage I'll bet there will
>be a
>fix for it.
>My first request to them was in July of 98..
>In December of 98 they said they had found the problem and that
>Outlook Express would stop receiving an Email that had a single "." on
>a line... they supplied me a patch.. and it may have helped on a few
>messages.. but it did not stop the problem.
>While I do believe that OE has a problem.. I also feel that
>Post.Office has a problem.. to the point that I have been considering
>some sort of law suit against them.. but I have not taken my software
>license agreement to an attorney to see if we could do that..
>What may be better is a class action suit with all the ISPs joining
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>Sent: Saturday, March 13, 1999 4:20 PM
>Subject: RE: [NTISP] Imail vs post-office
>I went through this whole thing with them last August. I sent them a
>list of 5 or 10 other ISPs having the same problem. No matter what,
>they want to blame MS. We even have the same problem (less often) with
>Netscape! If the problem is fixed in the newer release they need to
>upgrade us for free. This has been an ongoing problem for us since
>reaching 1000 mailboxes and now with over 1500 it's even worse. I say
>we form a organized list of ISPs with this problem and send this
>information higher than tech support or sales.
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