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Christian Schmit ( )
Sat, 13 Mar 1999 09:31:07 +0100


We also run postoffice 3.5.3. All in one Postoffice is very stable.
We never had a problem. But what is really missing is IMAP4 support
which was promised a long time ago according to the PO FAQ that used to
be on their site. A web interface for customers would also be a good
thing but as they develop so slowly, we moved to dmailweb from to offer our customers a webmail interface to their
postoffice e-mail address. This works pretty well. So for me IMAP4
is the only important feature missing. It is not serious that a company
that claims to be the leader in Internet messaging does not support IMAP4
in their baseline product. But as someone said they seem to focus on
large ISP's.......

Another thing is that Postoffice is VERY expensive, even the upgrades
cost a hell lot of money!


At 04:07 AM 3/13/99 , you wrote:
>Yep, your right, we on 3.1 I believe. I still use it on a backup server.
>They seemed to loose their interest in anything other that large ISP's, that
>as well as the non support of IMAP and a web interface is what prompted our
>switch. When they stored everything in the registry it was kind of a pain
>in the a** to move a box. I think the companies change in attitude was one
>of the bigger factors. Ipswitch has it's problems, but I can converse
>directly with the programmers to help resolve problems. The IMail
>community contains allot of bitchers that paid next to nothing for the
>product, but want the everything a much more expensive package would
>include. I don't thing it's suited for very large ISP's, but with designed
>for the small to medium size company. It fills a product niche and I feel
>does it well. If money were no object, I probably look elsewhere, but as
>far as bang for the buck, I don't think you can beat it.
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>We just moved one of our post-office mail servers to a new box...
>Took all of an hour with over 500 accounts and dozens of supported domains.
>Maybe you had the old version of post-office that kept the users in the
>registry... but we had no trouble whatsoever... We run Post.Office v3.5.2
>release 221
>Also disagree with you about "set up" difficulty. It's a breeze.
>The lack of a web interface is an issue, we are currently looking into third
>party packages to accomplish this.
>> As a follow-up to my previous message, we dumped postoffice a
>> year ago do to their lack of features, especially a good web
>> interface for the users to access their mail. The configuration
>> was easy with Post Office, but took much longer to set up than
>> IMail. Backing up the registry, moving the accounts to a new box
>> is very easy with IMail and a nightmare with PostOffice. Hope this helps.

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