Re: [NTISP] Imail vs post-office

Geoffrey L. Scully ( (no email) )
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 18:02:15 -0800

We are looking at two different third party packages. Imail was too slow and
cumbersome when we used it. Post.Office has been rock solid.

rkm wrote:

> We just moved one of our post-office mail servers to a new box...
> Took all of an hour with over 500 accounts and dozens of supported domains.
> Maybe you had the old version of post-office that kept the users in the
> registry... but we had no trouble whatsoever... We run Post.Office v3.5.2
> release 221
> Also disagree with you about "set up" difficulty. It's a breeze.
> The lack of a web interface is an issue, we are currently looking into third
> party packages to accomplish this.
> > As a follow-up to my previous message, we dumped postoffice a
> > year ago do to their lack of features, especially a good web
> > interface for the users to access their mail. The configuration
> > was easy with Post Office, but took much longer to set up than
> > IMail. Backing up the registry, moving the accounts to a new box
> > is very easy with IMail and a nightmare with PostOffice. Hope this helps.
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