RE: [NTISP] Odd FTP issue/question

David Scott ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 11:06:21 -0600

I've had a lot of trouble with this in w3svc, but I don't work much with FTP
under the same circumstances. I have a web-based application that writes
html files to a directory on my IIS server every so many minutes, and
depending on when they were accessed last, the server has them cached and
won't turn loose for the write. In IIS 3 there is a registry setting for no
caching, so I use that. It solved my problem there, so you might look for
the same on FTP service.

David Scott

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> We use IIS for ftp server and we are noticing some odd behaviors
> - file "cached" - if you mod the file locally the ftp will return the old
> one for at least a minute or so...
> - file access denied problems - every so often we can't overwrite a file
> that you should be able to, like the ftp service has the file open and
> forgot about it.
> Is this a known problem of the IIS ftp? Are there workarounds? Are there
> better, yet still simple servers? I do like the fact that it uses NT
> Permissions for the access -- helps keep things simple for us.
> Thanks for your thoughts...
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