RE: [NTISP] Any one seen this before???

Jeff Binkley ( )
Fri, 05 Mar 1999 11:32:00 -0500

Actually it's a legit listserv with a lot of good help on stopping spamming.

Jeff Binkley
ASA Network Computing

-> Not personally, but I've seen other postings of this on other discussion
-> groups todays. Might be a spammer trying to scare some $$$ out of people.
-> -Kevin
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-> Subject: [NTISP] Any one seen this before???
-> I got this message today. Has anyone else seen this before and is it legit?
-> Mike K
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-> Sorry for the intrusion, but I thought you might like to know about a
-> program that has been abusing mail servers for several months. The program
-> has DOMAINS hard coded into the program and yours is one of them.
-> This may or may not effect your SMTP server depending on how your SMTP is
-> setup and what brand it is etc.
-> Your domain was extracted from the version 3.3 and in version 3.4 they
-> encrypted the domains in the program so that they are no longer easily
-> readable.
-> For information on the program and what it does to your SMTP server you can
-> point your browser to

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