RE: [NTISP] Any one seen this before???

Kevin Coveney ( (no email) )
Fri, 5 Mar 1999 09:18:20 -0500

Not personally, but I've seen other postings of this on other discussion
groups todays. Might be a spammer trying to scare some $$$ out of people.


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I got this message today. Has anyone else seen this before and is it legit?

Mike K

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Sorry for the intrusion, but I thought you might like to know about a
program that has been abusing mail servers for several months. The program
has DOMAINS hard coded into the program and yours is one of them.

This may or may not effect your SMTP server depending on how your SMTP is
setup and what brand it is etc.

Your domain was extracted from the version 3.3 and in version 3.4 they
encrypted the domains in the program so that they are no longer easily

For information on the program and what it does to your SMTP server you can
point your browser to

Again, if your not concerned about people scanning your SMTP server with
dictionaries of username names to generate email list of your users
(for use of UCE and SPAM) then by all means delete this message and ignore
it. if your tired of the oversized log files and the Spam your getting
you may want to take some sort of action.

I am posting this information on my own and any opinion is that of my own.

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