[NTISP] Y2K Reseller Program

Marvin L. Anglin ( (no email) )
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 14:23:07 -0500

WebMasters, Inc., a sister company of Atlanta On-Line InterNet, would like
to invite members of the ISP Group to become a reseller for the hottest Y2K
fix product on the market. This site will also provide your customers with
a free Y2K check of their computers. Your commission will be 10%. If you
sign up second level tier resellers to work for you, you will also receive
10% of their sales. You can possible make hundreds of dollars from one
sale of multiple licenses. The most notable buyer for PCfix 2000 is AT&T,
which recently purchased 110,000 PCfix 2000 licenses for its global Y2K
desktop-compliance program after an extensive seven-month test.

The main site your customers will go to, when they click on our banner ad,
is http://www.webmastersinc.com/y2k/

To signup as a reseller, go to http://www.webmastersinc.com/y2k/login.asp
and enter a UserID of "reseller" and a password of "w001". This will
sign you up, assign you a reseller ID or password, and send you to a
page where you can copy and paste any of three banners to place on your
web site. When someone clicks on the banner, we will take the domain
name it comes from, convert it to the associated reseller ID, and give
you credit for any sales of the software product. Note: You must have
your own domain name to become a reseller.

On or before April 1st, we will have some on-line inquiries ready so you
will be able to display sales made within a date range. At the beginning
of each month, we will print reports and mail you a check for your
commission. To sign up a second level tier reseller, email them and give
them the address of the login web site and tell them to enter a UserID of
"reseller" and to enter "your" password. This will associate them with

Please let me know if you have any problems or have any suggestions.


Marvin L. Anglin, President
WebMasters, Inc. and
Atlanta On-Line InterNet, Inc.

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