RE: [NTISP] IIS4 and Applications

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 17:11:54 -0800

With the increasing shortage of IPv4 addresses, it is considered "bad form"
to use one IP address per virtual domain/host. Of course, there are
situations where it is necessary, such as load balancing for busy domains.
However, the vast majority of virtual domains would be quite effectively
served by IP-Less hosting. And why not? When it comes time to provide
justification for more addresses, the burden will be on you to diagram your
network and provide the numbers your upstream provider must keep on file.

With regard to chastisement, this is something you'll get from the entity
who assigns your numbers to you. They will also be the ones requesting
justification for any new address blocks you request. If they don't ask for
justification, then they're not doing their jobs.

It's not just a matter of choice anymore. It's a matter of good practice
and responsible network management.

And, as always, the escape hatch is open for Netscape 2.0 users:

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> His point exactly.. it doesn't work perfectly if someone can't get in..
> It is EACH IPS's choice to decide if he wants to have virtual web sites
> using 1 IP or have each web site with it's own IP..
> Until such time that I see a reason for me to change, I choose to
> use an IP
> for each website.... When the time comes that I feel my customers will not
> loose any capabilities then I will change to virtual web sites...
> In any event.. a person should not be chastised if he/she chooses to do it
> differently than you choose...

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