John ( (no email) )
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 12:41:23 -0500

Trying to set up DNS Zone for my domain and have run into a small problem.
I want to be able to enter my site either by going to www.domain.com, or by
going to domain.com. I've already setup the zone file for the domain and
everything works fine with that one exception.

I understand that I should add the following line to my zone file

www.domain.com IN CNAME domain.com

but the MS DNS application does not want to allow me to do that because it
already sees a record with that name in the file. Adding the line manually
to the Zone file record does not work either for some reason. I have
included a copy of the zone file below, and hope someone can help me with

@ IN SOA ns1.domain.com. Administrator.domain.com. (

; Zone NS records

@ IN NS ns1.snipped.com.
@ IN NS ns2.snipped.com.

; Zone records

@ IN MX 10 mail
ftp IN CNAME www.
mail IN A >ip address<
www IN A >ip address<

Anyone have any ideas how I can enable this in IIS4?


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