Re: [NTISP] RAS client can't see network?

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Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:09:50 +1100

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From: Darryl Harvey <>
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Date: Wednesday, 10 February 1999 9:42
Subject: [NTISP] RAS client can't see network?

>I have added a RAS client to my Server so I can do remote admin.
>I have a modem on COM1: and it seems to work ok..
>I dial in via a remote client, I get authorisedand the connection is up.
>Problem is, I cannot ping the server or the server cannot ping the client.
>I am enabling "Access whole network" so I should have access to the server
>and the rest of my network..
>THe IP in use n the etehrnet is and the RAS client gets
>assigned, IP forwarding is on..
>Should this work this way ???? Am I missing something?
>For more information about this list, including removal,
>see this url:

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RAS to LAN routing on Windows NT

Just check to make sure that you have the following settings in theRegistry on your NT Server:

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\RasArp\Para=metersDisableOtherSrcPackets REG_DWORD

It controls the routing of IP packets with an IP source address otherthan the IP address of the RAS network adapter card. Set to 0, packetswith source addresses other than the IP address of the RAS adapter willbe sent. Set to 1, packets with source addresses other than the IPaddress of the RAS adapter will not be sent.
NOTE: Page 420 of the "Windows NT 3.5 Resource Kit, Volume II"incorrectly states that the default setting is 0.

Range: 0-1
Default: 1 (not in registry)
Set to 0

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\RasMan\PPP\=IPCPPriorityBasedOnSubNetwork REG_DWORD

A computer can connect to the LAN using a network card and a RASconnection. If the RAS connection and the LAN network adapter card areassigned addresses with the same network number and the Use DefaultGateway On Remote Network check box is selected, then all packets aresent over the RAS connection, though the two addresses are in differentsubnetworks within the same network.
Set this parameter to 1 to send packets over the network card. Forexample, if the network adapter card has IP address (subnetmask and the RAS connection is assigned the address10.2.1.1, RAS sends all 10.x.x.x packets using the RAS connection. Ifthe parameter is set, RAS sends 10.2.x.x packets using the RASconnection and 10.1.x.x packets using the network adapter card.

Range: 0-1
Default: 0 (not in registry)
Set to 1

IpEnableRouter REG_DWORD

For a value of 1 for this parameter, IP routing is enabled after thesystem is restarted. A value of 0 disables routing. A properlyconfigured multihomed Windows NT system automatically routes IP packetsbetween all subnets to which it has interfaces with valid IP addressesand subnet masks.

Range: 0-1
Default: 0 (not in registry)
Set to 1

It can also be set by checking the Enable IP Routing box under"Advanced Microsoft TCP/IP Configuration"

The gateway IP address of the clients should be set to the IP address ofthe NIC card on the server to which they are connected. The gateway IPaddresses for the NIC on the server should be left blank.

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