Re: [NTISP] Solaris Password File

James B. Hrdy ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 12:29:18 -0600

Ok, 3 solutions that might work

1. Enter the user in with a password of foo, make sure that they must change the password at
next login. This would update the password file but be very disruptive of service

2. "UnCrypt" them. This may take some time depending on your schemata of entering
usernames and passwords. Difficult, but not impossible.

3. Take your trusty database of passwords and update your batch file. Prolly not a consideration
as they only have a userlist from the solaris and there was no information concerning a database
of users.

But you are correct, the passwords are not stored clear text. :)

> "James B. Hrdy" wrote:
> >
> > Export the user & password list and make a batch file, you can use the
> > following commands, depending on your needs for the NT users.
> >
> > NET USER [manipulate user accounts]
> > NET LOCALGROUP [manipulate local groups]
> > NET GROUP [manipulate domain groups]
> > CACLS [manipulate NT directory and file permissions]
> > FLIPRAS [enables an NT account to dial in via NT RAS]
> >
> > Note that these commands has several options, which can be detailed by
> > entering NET HELP
> > <command> or <command> /? at the command line. i.e, NET USER /?
> >
> > > Anyone know how to import Solaris users into the NT user database?
> Might be a little tough, since the NET command want a clear text
> password and the solaris ones are probably crypt'ed.
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