Re: [NTISP] Cold Fusion Server 4.0

Guy Walker ( (no email) )
Wed, 3 Feb 1999 10:38:43 -0800

I have been running IIS 4.0 and CF 4.0 for several months with
no major problems. The only issue we had with upgrading to
CF 4.0 was the strict attribute validation which broke some of
our code. They include a code validator that you can point to
a directory of code and it checks it for you. Was relatively painless
for us.

CF 4.0 is well worth the upgrade there is a long list of new stuff.
The new features I noticed most were faster template processing,
advanced security, storing client vars in db rather than the registry
and cached queries.

I'm sure there are bugs but nothing that caused us any problem.

Guy Walker
Telmar Internet Services.
Cold Fusion Application Developer.

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>I'm still using CF 3.1 Server but have upgraded to IIS 4.0.
>Is the CF 4.0 worth the upgrade?? are there bugs??
>Timothy Dineen
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