Re: [NTISP] Seattle Labs SLMail

David Thake ( (no email) )
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 08:45:17 +0100

Have a look at Dmailweb from the makers of Dnews.


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>>I am being told that it will be an add on cost... unless you have a
>>Here is the response I got from
>> At the present time we are working with a third party software developer
>>that has developed a web mail software that works on top of a SMTP POP3
>>e-mail server. This product can be located at
>>web mail product will allow your customers view their e-mail form any web
>>browser. We have a customers that are currently using this solution and
>>very satisfied.
>>And here is the pricing from
>> Good talking with you about Web Mail this morning. Here's our pricing
>>for using our Web Mail solution as a companion to a standard POP3 mailbox.
>> Users Price
>> 500 $699
>> 1000 $999
>> 1500 $1399
>> 2000 $1799
>> 2500 $2125
>> 5000 $3450
>If you want to try a free beta web based mail client, have a look
>It requires perl to be installed on an NT4. Works with any pop3 and
>smtp servers.
>Jack Olszewski
>Hermes Internet
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