RE: [NTISP] Seattle Labs SLMail

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 00:56:39 -0600

I am being told that it will be an add on cost... unless you have a support

Here is the response I got from

At the present time we are working with a third party software developer
that has developed a web mail software that works on top of a SMTP POP3
e-mail server. This product can be located at This
web mail product will allow your customers view their e-mail form any web
browser. We have a customers that are currently using this solution and are
very satisfied.

And here is the pricing from

Good talking with you about Web Mail this morning. Here's our pricing
for using our Web Mail solution as a companion to a standard POP3 mailbox.

Users Price
500 $699
1000 $999
1500 $1399
2000 $1799
2500 $2125
5000 $3450

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