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Richard Davey ( (no email) )
Mon, 25 Jan 1999 09:10:08 -0000

We use SLMail to handle all office and ISP/Hosted mail. It has been in place
nearly 6 months now and my comments would be:

Very nice web interface, I mean VERY nice. There isn't anything you can't do
from it and in all honesty I think it's a little faster than the provided

Handles all mail sent to a single domain easily and can redirect it, so you
can offer * and either place all into a POP box or forward to
another email account elsewhere.

Has support for built-in mailing lists (pretty good actually), finger
support (so you can check to see if you have mail remotely) and auto

The GUI is nasty, the drop-down menus aren't nearly as long as they ought
to be (we have nearly a hundred domains hosted on it, yet you can only see
about 4 of them when you pick the drop down list - very poor design). This
makes admin a hassle unless you use the web interface.

It uses "virtual" domains, this basically means that ALL mailboxes reside in
what is known as the Primary domain and only aliases and forwards live in
the "virtual" domains. It's hard to explain without you seeing it, but I
guarantee you'll think "what the hell did they do it like that for?!" - it
also means you'll have HUNDREDS of mailboxes in the primary over the course
of time, which is a pretty strange way of doing things. They said their next
release will change this, here's hoping so.

For a small to medium sized ISP I'd say it's great once you wrap your head
around the way it works. Otherwise consider Post.Office.


Kaliba Systems Ltd.

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> Has anyone tried, or is using the New SLmail? We are small non-profit ISP
> and want to know how it will handle a large volume. We use NTMail now and
> might be interested in switching.
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