[NTISP] DNS expert

Alejandro de Haro ( (no email) )
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:13:54 -0300

Is there someone in the list hwo can help me with my DNS?

I'm changin my connection to the national backbone and they gave me a new C
Actually I have two portions of 64 IP addresses of two different C classes
with the mask connected to one 128Kb line up and working.
I'm installing a second 128K line and the national provider gave me a new C
class with the mask

Now I have to reassign the new IP addresses in my DNS and cut the old 128k
line. The fact is that I can't realize how to do this for a smooth and
painless change for my dia-up customers.

Please, if you consider this mail a little out of topic, we can discuss it

Thank you in advance.
Alejandro de Haro
Net Express S.A.

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