[NTISP] Question about reinstalling NT.

Steve Coleman ( (no email) )
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 16:15:05 -0700

I need to reinstall NT on one of our servers because I upgraded it from a
single processor board to a multi-processor board. I don't have the NT
resource kit so I won't be able to use the upgrade utility. The server is
acting a bit strange anyway and a fresh install of NT can't hurt. I have a
single NTFS partition on the server now. I would like to completely
reinstall NT from scratch, leaving nothing of the old operating system,
however, I would prefer not to have to format the drive as it has a bunch of
data on it. Is it possible to reinstall NT completely without reformatting
the drive? With Win98 you can simply delete the windows directory and do a
fresh install without having to wipe the drive. Will I have to backup the
entire drive, reformat, reinstall, restore?


Steve Coleman
Computer Solutions

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