[NTISP] Need ISP in Wexford, PA - Somerset, KY

John Lange ( radadmin@palacenet.net )
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 10:57:41 -0600


I need to find ISP's in the following cities to help with a VPN project.

The ISP's chosen will work with the remote customer (you charge your going
rate), and myself to setup this network using Freegate VPN software. I
need someone to do the setup so I don't have to travel.

Wexford, PA - Need ISDN - 2 channels 56 or 64K
Somerset, KY - Need ISDN - probably 1 channel
Selma, AL - Need Dialup 56K

Please respond OFF the list - to the address below.

JOhn :}

John C. Lange, Sr. PALACE dot NET, INC.
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http://www.palacenet.net/ Portage, WI 53901
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