[NTISP] Seasonal Email Traffic Surge

Paul Kincaid-Smith ( Paul.Kincaid-Smith@software.com )
Thu, 03 Dec 1998 21:07:56 -0800

Would anyone like to comment about their seasonal email volume? Service
providers seem to parallel Hallmark Cards' busy times. When Hallmark does a
booming business (Christmas, mother's day) many service providers
experience a surge in email traffic. How much of an increase are you seeing
this year? Compared to last year? How are digital cameras (which produce
large binary email attachments) are affecting your mail service? Executable
greeting cards?

Operationally, if you're experiencing higher-than-normal mail volume, you
may want to increase the size of your mail spool. If a popular service
provider takes a hit, your system will have to spool mail destined for the
other service until they recover.

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