AW: [NTISP] IIS 4.0 Date stamp and time stamp wrong?

Juergen Weiss ( (no email) )
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 14:14:33 +0100

I have the same problem for more than 2 months now and couldn't solve it.
Strange thing is that before I never saw this but also I didn't change
anything on my server. So there is no reason why this should come up.
For my most frequented site the logfile showed the same date and time for
all requests wihtin 3 weeks!
Now I am stopping and restarting the www-service at night, because it seems
that after a restart the time comes up with correct info.

Which sort of logging do you have activated? I have W3C Extended Log File
Format, 15 of the 20 options under extended properties are activated.


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> Betreff: [NTISP] IIS 4.0 Date stamp and time stamp wrong?
> In our logs the date is showing up off by one day? and time
> is incorrect.
> Clock says it is 10:17 PST yet logs are all showing something
> different?
> Anyone experiencing the same problem?
> 1998-12-03 06:12:01
> Jim
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