[NTISP] Tips for the naive user

Lance Julander ( (no email) )
Wed, 25 Nov 98 12:56:22 PDT


We've been pretty frustrated around here with our customers. We
spend a lot of time doing an online newsletter and they
constantly call in asking questions that have already been
answered...answers that have been sitting there waiting for them
to read for months.
We have finally given up on the online newsletter and have
started an "Internet Tips" mailing list. Each day they are
emailed a short tip that will help them learn to use the Internet
better, and hopefully keep them from calling us.
We have specifically focused on beginner to intermediate users
(not advanced). Each day we include a tip and a relevant website
for them to visit. We have specifically focused our tips around
the common questions we receive on the tech support lines.
Hopefully this will help them and us.
If any of you are interested, you're welcome to join up for a
while and see if it would be helpful to your customers. Also,
you are welcome to submit "tips" to us that seem to be common
problems. We'll happily send them out to the folks.
You can find more info on our website:
We hope eventually to have a sponsor(s) to help offset the costs
of keeping things going. For some reason, the employees don't
want to work on the website/tips for free :-) If I'm lucky I can
get it to the point that it pays for itself.



Lance Julander
Terragon Media
lance at terragon.com