Re: DNS Info?

Endre Palfi ( )
Mon, 19 Oct 1998 02:34:38 -0700

Why don't you just ban the domain from your mail server for the next 2 months
until this behavior stops? It's not like you can trace or contact every domain
admin who tries to spam you, this could even be automatically done by software.
We get this type of thing all the time and we just temporarily ban them until
they stop doing it with us or forget about using our SMTP server.

It's their fault because they provoked it and it really doesn't do all that
much damage if you ban them since "just how many of your clients will be using
that .ru domain for connecting to the internet?". If your clients wanted to
connect from Romania they wouldn't be able to use your E-mail servers because
of the ban and they would surely let you know about it. Or what is the
likelyness that your specific clients are expecting E-mail from that specific
range of IP addresses except "SPAM" mail?

Is that an idea or what?
..Endre Palfi

Matthew Andersen wrote:

> How do I find out contact info for a .ru domain? There is a server that is
> relaying mail to our users.
> Thanks,
> Matthew
> Matthew Andersen
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