RE: [NTISP] Re: List Subscription

Sergio Manzi ( (no email) )
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 01:42:09 +0100

Hmmmm.... something tells me that Dale COULD have tried to install NTMail
4.0 (as I did some weeks ago) ... ;-) Am I wrong?

BTW, I to was on this list some time ago and resurrected at once.
Happy to be here again, anyway.


Sergio Manzi

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Stephen Garrett wrote:
> Well, for me, that is not true. I was subscribed to this list as DIGEST.
> Then, Magicially, 9/1/98 was the last digest that I received. Then
> on Wed, 11 Nov 1998, I magically started receiving individual posts.
> I'd say the list serve s/w at emerald is hosed, or was restored from a
> previous backup...
> I also tried to set digest mode, but was unable to.

We changed list software. I am working to move the list digest
subscriptions back to a digest mode. This should happen sometime
over the weekend.


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