Source address of DNS-Server

Lutz Lang ( (no email) )
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 17:16:20 +0100


We have 2 WinNT4.0 DNS-Servers in our LAN in different Class-C networks.
The one in net1 is our primary NS (let's say or A), and the
one in net2 is our secondary NS ( or B). Both are installed
in the same physical network.
We installed a webserver software on B, and assigned a few IP's to the
same NIC which we took from net1 (eg. That worked for a
long, long time without any errors.

Some days ago I added another IP of net1 to that machine, and since then
the secondary DNS was not able to receive zones from the primary DNS.

I soon found what is going on when B requests zonedata from its primary
master. As A isn't in the same IP-Net as B, B asks its Gateway (Router)
for a destination. It then finds out that destination A is in the same
physical network and chooses the direct path. OK so far. But now B uses
the first entry of its IP's which are in net1 as source adress! Now A
can't recognize B anymore as a valid secondary and won't transfer any

So my final question is:
Does anyone know how to tell NT to use one specific IP (namely for those DNS-packets?

Lutz Lang