Re: Dale? RE: [RadiusNT] authenticate anyone

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 05 Nov 1999 09:53:44 -0800

Stephen Johnson wrote:
> Dale,
> any ideas as to what the difference is here, why I would be getting the
> errors?
> (I don't want to just keep testing it on my live system ~:-o)
> Isn't the DEFAULT user supposed to allow any username and password to
> authenticate?

No. The DEFAULT user is designed as a catachall type entry.
Its the Password = "ANY" that works for matching the passwords.
BTW, you can use ANY for a DB or text file password for specific
accounts as well.

> > DEFAULT Password = "ANY"
> > Framed-Protocol = 1,
> > User-Service = 2,
> > Framed-Routing = 0,
> > Framed-Address =,
> > Framed-MTU = 1500

Check your dictionary file. Some of the text disctionaries has
rather than User-Service. Look at the -x15 startup and see if its
about loading the users file and what error it gives.


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