Re: [RadiusNT] Insight on crashes

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 13 Oct 1999 12:51:08 -0700

Andy Guerriero wrote:
> Once again I am looking for some insight into possible solutions for Radius
> NT 2.5 crashes. We are running 2.5 on NT4, SP5, in debug mode. We have
> concurrency control turned on and name trim turned on.
> The problem is this: A bunch of garbage will occasionally come through from
> our Portmasters, and Radius will completely choke on it when it tries to
> authenticate. No error is generated, it simply kicks out to the C: prompt
> and ceases to authenticate. It must then be manually restarted. This
> happens on a daily basis and I need to know what the fix is. I have read in
> the archives suggestions to turn off concurrency control, but this is not an
> option for us. We use that feature, and we shouldn't have to turn it off to
> keep things running smoothly.
> Now I realize that the garbage is being sent by the Portmaster, and that is
> a separate issue. My issue with Radius is that it -should- simply ignore or
> reject the garbage, rather than just dying on me.

Can you send me some of the "-x15 -X" debug? The -X is partivularly
important in this case.

You can define a registry value called "badchars" in the RadiusNT
section. Put characters like ~'" etc into them. DO NOT PUT ANY
that are legitimate in there. Make sure you restart RadiusNT, and if it
receives a request with any of those in the username, it will
drop/nak the request.

You might also want to install RadiusNT as a service and use RadCheck to
monitor it so that it can auto-restart if that happens. You can get
radcheck from:


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