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Charlie Cocuzza ( (no email) )
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We are also using RadiusNT with Platypus (2.5.124). Platypus has a script
inside their application interface that will generate the ports after you
define the servers. They use a wildcard called NULL

Charlie Cocuzza

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"Mike@NetDotCom" wrote:
> I have search the archives but could not find a definite answer.
> In the ServerAccess table can I use a wild card to represent the port? Or
> I have to make an entry for every port on every server for every account
> type?
> Using 2.5.175 with Platypus.

For MS SQL Server, the RadCheckPort defines this. For example, the

CREATE PROCEDURE RadCheckPort @nasid varchar(16), @nasport integer, @at
varchar(15) AS
Select MaxSessionLength, StartTime, StopTime, CurrTime = (DatePart(Hour,
GetDate()) * 60) + DatePart(Minute, GetDate())
>From Servers s, ServerAccess sa
Where s.ServerID = sa.ServerID
AND s.IPAddress = @nasid
AND (sa.Port=@nasport or sa.Port is NULL)
AND sa.AccountType = @at

You can change the second to last line to define whatever you want to be
wildcard if you don't like NULL.


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