Re: [RadiusNT] preventing ISDN connections

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 11:07:47 -0700

Josh Hillman wrote:
> From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
> > You need to make NAS-Port-Type a check attribute. To do this, edit
> > the default attributes list in Emerald Admin for PPP, drop the
> > current NAS-Port-Type reply attribute, and re-add it, but make sure
> > the CHECK option is selected (rather than reply).
> That did the trick. How is this done for customers with specific radius
> settings set (such as a user with a static IP, etc.)? There isn't an option
> for "Check" vs. "Reply" in the Radius tab for Services in Emerald.

Its a limitation of the interface in Emerald. There is a "Check"
column in the RadConfigs table that does the same thing. This is
something were are looking to fix in the next major release.


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