RE: [RadiusNT] Problem with test setup

Robert F. O'Connor ( (no email) )
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 21:46:00 -0700

Connecting as SA. Only Master and Sub Account tables are being replicated.
Everthing else is there, but "static". I've triple-checked the contents of
all the tables. Accounting is not being used yet (getting the replication on
that working will be a little complicated).

As far as permissions go, as I say, the admin console can check the ODBC
connection just fine and return the Master and Sub account info. I've tried
deleting and re-creating the ODBC connector, updating the MDAC driver set,
etc. By the way, the license is for the standard version of Radius NT.

I will cut and paste the licensing info again as a reality check and post
the results.

Here's a more typical final entry in the logfile after trying to restart the

...100 (0).Mon Sep 20 21:27:03 1999: Connection to Authentication database
Connection to Authentication database failure

-Robert F. O'Connor
System Administrator, Metro.Net

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> "Robert F. O'Connor" wrote:
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> > We are testing a setup involving having one SQL Server 7.0
> replicate user
> > entries into a SQL 7.0 database on a second machine, with the intent of
> > setting it up as a backup RADIUS server in a different location. We
> > installed .175 on the new server (we are still running .124 on
> the original
> > server) and, for now, are using the same license info (name and
> number) for
> > this new installation, while we test the feasibility of it.
> >
> > As far as I can tell the database is identical in both cases and the
> > replication part of it (for authentication only, so far) seems
> to be working
> > fine. The admin tool correctly reports the number of user
> records when you
> > check the ODBC connection.
> Who is RadiusNT connecting as? Have you verified there is not a
> permissions issue on this? This typically happens when RadiusNT
> cannot verify the license from the licenses table. Also, try not
> replicating the licenses table, and just to a transfer from the
> primary to the secondary for that table.
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