[RadiusNT] Problem with test setup

Robert F. O'Connor ( (no email) )
Mon, 20 Sep 1999 19:59:55 -0700

We are testing a setup involving having one SQL Server 7.0 replicate user
entries into a SQL 7.0 database on a second machine, with the intent of
setting it up as a backup RADIUS server in a different location. We
installed .175 on the new server (we are still running .124 on the original
server) and, for now, are using the same license info (name and number) for
this new installation, while we test the feasibility of it.

As far as I can tell the database is identical in both cases and the
replication part of it (for authentication only, so far) seems to be working
fine. The admin tool correctly reports the number of user records when you
check the ODBC connection.

However, the logfile contains this:

Initializing Winsock...
ODBC Datasource: 'radiusnt1'...
Making ODBC Connection...
MS SQL Server Mode Enabled

SQL Statement: Select DISTINCT Company, LicenseID From Licenses

...4 (0).ODBC Datasource: 'radiusnt1'...
Making ODBC Connection...

The three text lines starting with "SQL Statement:..." repeat over and over
(with the number on the second text line incrementing by two each time)
until (userid and password obscured):

ODBC: SQLDriverConnect Error (DSN=radiusnt1; UID=*****; PWD=*****;
ODBC Error:08003:0:
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection not open

Mon Aug 30 03:38;53 1999: ODBC Error:08003:0:
[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Connection not open
...49 (-1).ODBC Datasource: 'radiusnt1'...
Making ODBC Connection...

then basically it repeats ("ODBC:...", "ODBC Error...", etc., until

...50 (-1).Initializing Winsock...

etc. At this point it seems to start over again.

This must be something simple, but I have checked the licensing info over
and over again--it is identical. Is that the problem perhaps? However,
when we transferred off of our old RADIUS server machine, there was no
problem with the licensing info. Has there been some kind of updated
licensing info format since version .124?

Thanks for any help.

-Robert F. O'Connor
System Administrator, Metro.Net

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